Epoch Failure’s cover of Bon Jovi’s classic anthem “Livin On A Prayer” is a new spin on the classic song about struggling to make it. The group’s new version of Bon Jovi’s legendary anthem has already received a huge endorsement from ESPN, when the network featured the track for five weeks during their

The new single from Epoch Failure, “Champion” is an adrenaline-charged, urban/rock hybrid that follows the duo’s highly successful first single, the infectious summer jam, “Where I’m Sposed to Be.” While “Champion” may strike some as a major departure from the fun, boozy mayhem of “Where I’m Sposed to Be,” the

“Where I’m Sposed to Be” is the debut single from Epoch Failure. In many ways the track is a perfect sonic portrait for these work hard, play hard guys who are all about cold brews, high fives, and fully embracing each new moment and challenge that life has to offer. Epoch