Champion – Official Music Video

The new single, “Champion” is an adrenaline-charged, urban/rock hybrid that follows the duo’s highly successful first single, the infectious summer jam, “Where I’m Sposed to Be.” While “Champion” may strike some as a major departure from the fun, boozy mayhem of “Where I’m Sposed to Be,” the new song is actually anchored to the same YOLO fundamentals underlying the melodic, party anthem. “Just like ‘Where I’m Sposed to Be,'” says Epoch Failure’s Nick Young, “‘Champion’ is also about living in the moment and taking a never surrender approach– going after what you want in a full-throttle manner.” He then adds, “The only difference is this new song is more about sweat and blood than Jack and Coke.”

Working out of his Atlanta studio, Grammy-nominated producer Billy Hume (Lil’ Jon, Ying Yang, Pitbull) mixed and co-produced “Where I’m Sposed to Be,” along with the four other tracks on the upcoming EP. “Where I’m Sposed to Be” has aired regularly on 100+ international video outlets including MuchMusic, CMC, The Pulse TV Network, Video Box, Zuus Media, and many more. In addition, the song was recently featured in an episode of Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club and it is set to appear in the upcoming theatrical release, Barely Lethal (starring Jessica Alba, Samuel L. Jackson, and Hailee Steinfeld).


Shot on location in Detroit, Michigan.

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Director: Jason M. Schultz
Producer: John A. Sepetys, David M. Brisbois, North Star Media
Copyright 2015 North Star Media LLC

Director of Photography: Matthew Dudley
Drone Camera Operator: Joe Gall

Written by Epoch Failure
Producer: Billy Hume & Epoch Failure
Executive Producer: John A. Sepetys

Joe Gall
Allen Finau
Linsay Gould
Jenny Rae Bowman
Derrik Benford